Meeting at the round table "The Kazakh language in the urban environment"



Committee on the development of language and social and political work of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan, Kazakh Research Institute of Culture of Kazakhstan ISS, Private Fund "Mels Erzhanov" and the Institute of Linguistics named after A.Baytursynuly conducted a roundtable on "The Kazakh language in the urban environment" with the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on language development and socio-political work S.Zh.Salemov, chief of the department for development of languages of Almaty M.K.Ahetov, General Director of the Kazakh Research Institute of Culture A.R.Khazbulatov.

The main objectives of the Round Table: to draw public attention to the quality of the state language in the visual information of the city of Almaty; discuss the use of the state language in the electronic media (radio and television); introduce the relevant research areas of domestic linguists, which are aimed at supporting linguistic norms of the Kazakh language.

Recently in the media frequently encountered complaints against incorrect transfers of copyrights advertising in the state language. Roundtable participants will try to find out what conditions are necessary to copyright in the national language were written perfectly, without stylistic and other errors.

Urban environment is a space that should demonstrate exemplary use of the state language.

The round table will bring together linguists, writers, journalists, representatives of state bodies, business and advertising agencies.

Date: March 18, 2015 at 10:00

Venue: Almaty, Kazakhstan National Library, conference room, Abay ave., 14