"National identity of the Kazakhs of Central Asia and Europe in the artifacts of the Intangible Cultural Heritage"


Abstract of the project

After gaining independence the Republic of Kazakhstan, the issue of uniting the Kazakhs of the world on the basis of ethnic and cultural kinship sharply escalated. At the moment, the question of national unity and identity of the Kazakh diaspora around the world is very important. The project will be considering the issue of national similarities Kazakh diaspora based on a study of artifacts Intangible Cultural Heritage - dialects, customs, rituals, oral traditions and folklore, etc.

At the same time, the need for such work is determined, above all, by high rate of integration of Kazakhstan into the global cultural space that requires the nation to unite. Such problems are not feasible without proper scientific justification, which is displayed as a result of this project. Comparative studies, as well as deep analysis of the intangible heritage of the ancient Kazakh and modern look are of particular importance in the context of the definition of national identity perform. The project is, first of all, dedicated to study and research with elements of deep structural and system analysis, historical and cultural comparisons, comparing the evolution of non-material culture of the Kazakh diaspora, their identity, in the light of globalization, integration and the formation of post-industrial society. the level of influence of various country and regional impacts on cultural development is very important. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the degree of integration of the Kazakh culture assimilated with the cultures of the peoples that is quite time-consuming process, which will take up a significant portion of the project and allow for a comparative analysis demarcative rate exposure of the intangible cultural heritage of the Kazakh diasporas exposed to foreign cultural values.


Project goal and objectives

The expedition to the border region of Kazakhstan - Kazakh districts beginning of emigration. Conducting international expeditions to the areas of compact residence of the Kazakh diaspora and irredenta China, Mongolia, Iran, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Armenia. Collecting expeditions and archival materials on intangible culture of the Kazakh diaspora and irredenta, the history of migration. Creating a series of educational films on the theme and presentation of them in international forums on visual anthropology.

Creating photo albums, photo movies, photo collections, electronic databases, map migration routes of Kazakh Diaspora and irredenta collection of collections (artifacts of the museum values, photos, audio, video, etc.) to replenish the funds of the

National Museum of Kazakhstan. The organization of an international conference with the publication of materials research project that help to illustrate the results.



Man, society, irredenta, diaspora, intercultural interaction and tolerance.

Funding for the research project is carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and paid for by the program-targeted financing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.