Project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan AR09259862 «Research of traditional crafts of modern Kazakhstan: the state and search for ways of preservation»

Currently, the Republic of Kazakhstan is undergoing cultural changes associated with various global processes. A particularly significant factor is the ability of a nation to preserve its identity and develop its culture through its protection and further development.

Traditional crafts, which are one of the most important elements of the cultural heritage and a significant means of life support of the people, always act as the basic basis of folk art.

Understanding and defining the ontological and axiological nature of traditional Kazakh crafts provides an opportunity to identify ways to preserve them, which is the general idea of the project. The study of the current state of crafts allows us to develop a set of measures that contribute to their sustainable development and commercialization with the prospect of presenting them to the world community as a cultural brand.



Project Director – Andrey Ravilevich Khazbulatov, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Associate Professor, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan.


Project implementation period: 2021-2023.


The purpose of this research is to study the current state of traditional crafts as one of the main components of the cultural heritage of the Kazakh people in order to develop comprehensive measures to ensure their viability, preserve continuous practice in communities, transfer experience to the younger generation and awareness of a wide range of society.


Expected result:

The significance of this project is determined by the real prospect of obtaining new socially significant materials about the current state of Kazakh crafts as part of the cultural heritage, a set of scientifically based practical measures to ensure their viability, preserve continuous practice and transfer to the younger generation. In addition, the project materials (publications, film, information in social networks, etc.) will promote the popularization of little-known ethno-cultural brands within the country and abroad, will have an effective impact on the development of the creativity of artisans in Kazakhstan.